Quotes to Live By…

We often purchase items that have quotes on them that ring true for us. There are many quotes I’ve come across over the years that I’ve immediately connected with, and I often will refer to them as a source of strength, inspiration, and/or amusement. Here are a few of my favorite… Well behaved women rarely … Read More

Recipe: Banana Bread

Whenever the Fam is looking for a reasonably healthy and easy snack, our go-to is banana bread. You simply cannot be a nice slice of banana bread. It not only gives you energy to tackle whatever you’ve got planned, it provides a great way not to waste those overly ripe bananas sitting in your fruit … Read More

Freebie: Genealogy Worksheet

I have been doing genealogy research for a very long time now, and I’ve accrued stacks of documents that provide a wealth of information. And while I do utilize a program to catalog and keep all the information, I still rely heavily on worksheets to track the data I’ve collected. There have been too many … Read More

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