This is me.

Introducing…. Me!

Job Titles…  Daughter; sister; Captain of Adventures; Head Writer; Lead Photographer; Dreamer; World Traveler; Queen Mischief Maker; Creator of all things messy; Lover of sunglasses, learning & the arts; Pirate Queen

Location… Pacific Northwest – United States

Mt Shuksan – Washington

Prefers… Tea over coffee; ice water over everything else; cookies over cake; pretty stationery; pens that don’t glop; spending time with my family over going to parties; letters in the mail over email; watching a video at home over going to the cinema; night over morning; and plants over cut flowers. 

Loves… Autumn, road trips, the color orange, photography, books, receiving cards in the mail, and time with my family.

A Little History… I’ve been blogging since 2008 but took a break in 2017 to figure out if this was the creative medium I wanted to continue working within.  By the end of 2018, I was itching to get back into blogging and decided to revamp and concentrate my efforts on Blue Skies and Mud Puddles. 

What this blog is about… This blog is a mish-mosh of lifestyle and life’s happenings.  The title comes from the general belief that life brings you the good (blue skies) and the bad (mud puddles).  You’ll find posts related to food, travel, genealogy, photography, and a few bits and bobs in between.