What Made Me Happy in February

One of the nasty habits I have is that when time passes, I often focus on what I didn’t get accomplished during that time period.  I’m very goal focused, and when I don’t complete the goals I intended to complete – no matter what the circumstances – I mentally beat myself up and wallow a little too much.  I do this with each passing New Year, each passing birthday, and even at the end of each day.  Whatever wasn’t checked off or crossed off on my list is ammunition for me to focus on the negative – focusing on what didn’t get done instead of what actually was done.  This tends to skew a person’s overall perspective.  Not this year!

One of my goals is to do a better job appreciating time and what I accomplished in that time.  So, every month I plan to identify what I appreciate about the month – not necessarily in what I’ve accomplished or haven’t accomplished, but to simply identify a few things that I’m grateful for – that I’m happy about happening…

Snow… It snowed!  While most of the people around me hate the snow, I absolutely love it (as mentioned in an earlier post).  And we got a lot of snow to love in February.  Most of it is gone now, but I’m incredibly happy it paid a visit.  It just made everything feel fresh, cozy, and still.  Stillness in live is definitely under-appreciated.

Blogging again… I met my scheduling goal for the month, and I’m very happy about it.  Yeah, blogging!!

Ghirardelli Chocolate and Caramel Hearts… These evil creations are wickedly wonderful, and I inhaled an entire bag of these.  I received these as a little Valentine’s gift, and I devoured the bag.  I love them so much that I ended up going and purchasing another bag to share with my mum.  Though, I do admit there wasn’t much sharing involved.  I believe she ate a total of 4 of these bad girls… Not because she didn’t like them but because there was only 4 left.

Treatments begin… 2019 has been a devastating year for me and my little family.  My mother’s cancer returned with a vengeance, a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, another friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor (not cancer but growing out of control), and a friend’s husband was diagnosed with brain tumor (don’t know if it is malignant yet).  In February, Mum started her radiation treatments while the friend with breast cancer has her surgery (and will soon start her radiation).  The friend with the brain tumor started her over 30 radiation treatments, while the friend’s husband was referred to treatment at a prestigious hospital.  While February was the start, at least it was a start for everyone.  More gratitude will be felt when everyone is done with their treatments and can celebrate.

A good hair cut… One should never under-estimate the power of a good hair cut.  In February, I decided it was time for a change.  I had been spending the last 6 months pulling my hair back, pushing it out of my eyes, and annoyed that after 4 hours of “air drying” – my hair still wasn’t dry.  So, I simply stepped out of the shower, took a pair of scissors, and gave myself a blunt bob cut.  It reaches down to my jaw line.  I love the hair cut and have received a lot of compliments, but I wasn’t too clever because I still have it falling in my face (pulling it back behind my ears doesn’t work for long) and even though it is shorter – it still takes over 4 hours to “air dry” my hair.  While I wanted to go short, I didn’t want to go too short, so this is the best for now.  No matter how short my hair was cut, though, I feel fortunate because my hair grows relatively fast, so I’ll be able to change it up again in a few months.

What about you?  What was it about February that made you happy?

Comfort Time…

There are times when seeking out a little extra comfort is needed.  It is needed to sooth the mind, body, and soul.  How and where someone seeks out that comfort depends on the individual, but I typically do it when I’m ill, exhausted, or simply stressed.  Most recently, I needed a little comfort for stress and exhaustion.  This is where I found my comfort…

My family:  They are always my touchstone.  I can count on them to make me laugh, provide reassurance, and give me the space to settle. 

My bed:  A freshly made bed is always a source of coziness.  Soft bed sheets, layers of blankets, and plush pillows… I’m feeling myself relax just thinking about it!  I admit, there have been times when I wanted to spend all day in bed (and actively tried to finagle my day, so I could) simply because of that warm security my bed brought me.  But even spending a few hours in bed can do wonders for my wellbeing.

Comfy clothes:  Warm and soft are my demands when it comes to comfort.  Typically, flannel pajamas and soft slippers that encase my feet gently.  I recently purchased these slippers because they looked not only soft and warm but provided the flexibility that I could wear them outside when I needed to quickly run out to my car.  However, it didn’t take long before those slippers were claimed by my mum… leaving me with my old slippers (though still warm and soft).

Food:  Comfort food is a term people utilize liberally; however, food can provide a sense of contentment.  For me, it is the basics… warm chocolate chip cookies, blueberry or banana muffins, and English muffins with melted butter sliding into the nooks and crannies.

Books:  The book I recently reached for was the recently purchased, “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” by Kelly Barnhill.  Amazing story that I highly recommend.  The story is layered, sweet, and compelling.

Ultimately, for me, when I feel that need to be comforted, I will put on the softest pajamas I own, crawl into my freshly made bed, and read a stack of books until I fall asleep. Typically, a cup of warm tea keeps me company, while a cookie (or two) keep the tea cup company. It is what I do… What about you? What do you do when you need to carve out comfort time?

Doing my due diligence and being straight up, it is important I state the links to the above items are links via an affiliate program I’m involved in with Amazon.  While the price, through the program, remains the same for everyone – I do receive a small amount of money based on whether you follow the link and purchase the product.  However, I can verify that I’ve purchased these products, and I would not recommend them if I didn’t truly love them.