Starting Up Again

I have been blogging, on and off, since 2007.  I really enjoy blogging, as it is a wonderful outlet for my creativity; however, I hit a wall at the end of 2017.  My blogging had slowed down, I felt drained and creatively exhausted, and I no longer saw the point.  Clearly, I needed a break.

That break came in the form of 2018.  The blog was closed.  However, when I did it – there was a glimmer inside of me that knew it was temporary.  Closing the blog was more of a hiatus rather than a good-bye.  Now that 2019 has arrived, the hiatus is over.

I’ve filled notebooks with ideas, planning out posts and bouncing ideas off the people around me.  All this was done in preparation for today’s new launch.

The blog is up now.  A lot is going on in 2019.  Some good of it is good, a little of it is bad, but all of it is going to be great material for Blue Skies and Mud Puddles.  I’m ready to be creative again, and I’m hoping you will come along for the ride.

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